12 Jun 2018

Haji ( religious man ) with whores !

Ramadan is one of the holiest months for Muslims, at his company, he was talking on his cell phone with his friends to go out that evening with them with some
whores. he finished his calls and he called the boy who works for him, ( bring me slippers )
the boy replied ( Yes, Haji )
then he did ablution, he back to his office, he called that boy again (Where is the Torba?), the boy brought it to him. he started his praying, after a while he finished it. Then he called one of the whores to confirm the date that night.

*P.S true story ✔️

Haji: is a religious Muslim man

Torba: it is a dried clay taken from Karbala soil, it's very holy to Shiite Muslims, they only pray on it

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