10 Feb 2017

No civil law in Iraq, the only law in Iraq is tribal law, Melon City Show Hona Baghdad TV

If you had a problem with someone, in the normal situation you'll go to solve it with him friendly or you'll go to the police. but nothing normal here in Iraq, if you had a problem with someone, you'll go and bring your tribes with their guns! and they are going to solve that problem by their law (tribal law). (most of the people do it)

In 2012 in Baghdad (A) lost his chicken, then he discovered that (B) who lives in the same neighborhood had found the chicken and cook the chicken for dinner.

(A) brought his tribe with their guns and came to (B)! if he is not paying them 40 million IQD ( as a compensation, they will kill him.

(there are many of these real stories happen every year in Iraq, and that is tribal law)

In other situations, if people don't have enough money,  they have to give their sister or daughter as a wife instead of money.

Melon City Show, is a weekly show on TV, he made fun of these tribal laws in Iraq. 

this week one of the tribes in Iraq has threatened the crew of the Melon City Show and the manager of the channel (Hona Baghdad channel)!

the show stopped for now and they said on their facebook page  "it's out of control and we will get back as soon as we can"

imagine all this crap happening in 2017!  

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