30 Mar 2014

26 letters , my new experience in writing

Before one month I've read a book 《28 letters》 for Ahmed Helmy , he was telling us his story in writing and how did he try to write
He wrote the Arabic letters 《28 letters》and start write according to the letters
I like this experiment so I tried to do it but in English to see if I can write according to the English letters
So let me try out

A : Aws is my name & I live in
B : Baghdad the
C :Capital of Iraq , to
D : Day is very nice , it's rainy here
E : every tree looked wonderful , and the sky
F : Full of clouds , any way I'm
G : going to tell you this
H : here you are
I : " Ilgope " is the nickname of the girl who I love , her favorite
J : juice is pomegranate juice , she just
K : killing me , any way
L :  let's just get over it
M : many dreams I want to make them true , but
N : now I just want to
O : 《OMG ! I'm doing it right》
P : pass the exams and
Q : quizzes in my college with high marks
R : recently I'm interesting about reading books , it's raising awareness
S : so I want to go
T : to Al-Mutanabi street where I can get book and meet intellectuals people , I like
U : understanding other sides of people , any way the final episode of the
V : voice
W : was yesterday , Satar Saad is the winner (Kadim's team) ..... I hate                                
X : xanthous colour , it's
Y : yellow colour . In the end I hope you will like what I've wrote and I hope
Z : zillion one will read it and like it


Ahmed Abdullah said...

You have a nice way of looking at life, keep it simple, keep it peaceful and don't stop reading

آوس سيف said...

thank you Ahmed , I wish to you the best