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10 Feb 2017

No civil law in Iraq, the only law in Iraq is tribal law, Melon City Show Hona Baghdad TV

If you had a problem with someone, in the normal situation you'll go to solve it with him friendly or you'll go to the police. but nothing normal here in Iraq, if you had a problem with someone, you'll go and bring your tribes with their guns! and they are going to solve that problem by their law (tribal law). (most of the people do it)


Books I read in 2016 - Aws Saif

1- Arabs in Syria before Islam - Renee Desu

2- Journey to Mesopotamia - Amal Potter

3- The first adventure of mind - Firas al-Sawwa

4- History of bloody violence in Iraq - Baqer Yassin

5- Day in Baghdad - Shawki Abdel Amir

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